If you ever had to manage a trip for a group of people (athletes, missionaries, students etc.) you definitely know that it’s not at all an easy case. It is hard work and huge responsibility.

Our long time experience with groups travelling around the world has made us experts in providing the best service. We will customize your itinerary to your needs, take care of your flight reservations, your accommodation, transfers and guided tours.

We will deal with any problems like flight cancellations or delays, emergencies, schedule changes. Plus, we will make sure that you receive any extras that you deserve like discounts, bonus miles and rewards!

Our long time dynamic presence in the travel field gives us the bargain power to offer the best possible rates and upgrades. Lay back, enjoy your trip and let us do the hard work at no extra cost!

We are proud to offer our group travelers the following services: 

o Issue tickets with any airline

o Accommodate you at any hotel in the world

o Coordinate travelers from various cities to a selected destination

o Arrange tour transfers

o Organize guided tours

o Plan events

o Negotiate with event destination facilities for group discounts

o Provide individual itineraries, instructions and schedules

o Rent cars and limousines

o Offer private jet services

o Provide Personal Relation Specialist

o Do any last minute travel savings

o Offer upgrades if available

o Provide 24/7 e-mail and phone assistance