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Travel with pets

Flying with your Pet? Here are some tips!

Many of our travelers fly with their pets when going on vacation or traveling to see family or loved ones. 

Whether it be the holiday season or any other time during the year, if you are interested in booking a trip with your pet in the near future, here are some tips for booking airline tickets during the holidays or any time of the year.

Fly direct: Layover only when there is not a direct flight between your origination and destination cities.  Do not change airlines if you are traveling with a pet. You will have to claim and re-check your pet. Changing planes is OK; changing airlines is not. It is fine to book a one way ticket to transport you and your pet to your destination and a different airline for the return trip.

Consider alternate airports: Oftentimes, it can be easier and cheaper to fly into a nearby large airport, rent a car, and drive to a smaller city. If your pet likes riding in the car, this will certainly be more fun for your pet than landing and transferring to a smaller plane to take off again.

Book your flight about 6 weeks prior to the departure date if possible: Tickets tend to be below the average price at this time.

Fly off season: Transporting during the summer to or from hot weather cities can be challenging due to heat embargo rules. If possible, fly with your pet in the spring or autumn and avoid major holidays if possible. Baggage handlers are especially busy during holidays and time for attention to our pets and their needs may be limited. Tickets also tend to be more expensive during the holiday week due to higher demand.

Become a frequent flyer: Some airlines even offer frequent flyer miles for traveling pets!

Be flexible: If you are willing and able to keep to a flexible schedule, your chances of finding inexpensive airline travel with your pet will be greater.

Contact us: Whether you purchase your tickets through our online reservation system or by phone, make sure that you talk to one of our travel specialists and verify that there is room for your pet in the cabin or cargo hold of that flight. 

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