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Corporate Travel

Experts in travel, expense and technology solutions
Dumonde provides specialised consulting services to businesses around the world

Corporate travel today is about much more than where your travelers are going. It’s about the way your business is moving.

For nearly 10  years we have saved companies thousands of dollars, while at the same time, boosting efficiency, freeing up time, and improving traveler morale. 

There are quite a few programs out there offered by the airlines and hotels at no cost to your company. What makes us different is that we know exactly what program is right for you. Double mileage and instant upgrades are some of them.

See how we do it:



Travel Risk Management


Our travelers get  notified regarding an affected destination or one that suddenly becomes an unsafe location for travel.

In the event that conditions are marginally dangerous or unsafe, Dumonde Travel further provides all available safety and security information. This information includes, but is not limited to:

Responsible Travel Management

• Travel Safety Tips & Pointers:  Advice from our professionals on international travel.

• Flight Monitoring: Flight tracking delays, cancellations, gate changes, etc.

• US Department of State:  Warnings from the ultimate source of travel advisories for US citizens traveling or living abroad.

• Center for Disease Control Travel Health Information:  Health & Disease Outbreak advisories.

• Travel Alerts: Security, volcanic activity & earthquakes, general advisory, political terrorism, extreme weather, hydrological, health alerts, fires.

• Traveler Tracking Map and Dashboard: Itinerary tracking (flights and hotels), GPS tracking, Corporate client dashboard access.

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