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Awesome Free Travel Apps Every Traveler Should Have

There are hundreds of travel apps out there. Some are extremely useful, providing you with helpful resources that let you make the most of your travels. So how do we choose the best travel apps to take with us on the road? Here's we tried & tested list of the best free travel apps . 

When I was a backpacker, I relied heavily on travel apps that would help me make the most of my experiences while helping me travel as cheaply as possible. Later, as an international flight attendant, I looked for the best travel apps to help me utilize the short time I had on each layover. My favourite apps from each stage of my travels are ones I still use today. Here's my list of the best free travel apps, with download links at the bottom of each listing.

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FLIO is an awesome airport app which tells you everything you need to know about the facilities and resources inside the airport you're traveling through. The app allows you to see a schedule of arriving and departing flights, a list of dining options, local weather, transportation options, and much more.

The flight schedule shows times, terminals and gates, which will help keep you updated if things change while you're shopping or enjoying a meal while you wait for your flight.

There are also sometimes discount coupons for shops and services, which can make your airport experience even better!

MiFlight is the best airport app you never knew you needed. Just type in the airport you're traveling through, select the terminal, and the app will tell you approximately how long it will take you to get through security.

This great travel app has a database of both US and international airports, and allows users to manually input wait times as they go through.

Keep in mind that while the times are often quite accurate, the app does rely on crowdsourcing, so you may want to allow for a bit of extra time just in case there are less people giving updates.

This is a fantastic travel app that puts together a packing list based on your gender, destination, the duration of your trip, and the activities you plan to do.

It also shows you the forecasted weather for the time you'll be there and you can add items to the list, as well as customize the amount of each item you'll need.

A premium version is available with more customization, but the free version is good enough for a single destination trip.

LoungeBuddy changed the way I feel about waiting for a flight. If you have to spend an extended period of time in an airport, you can use this free app to see a list of lounges with their locations, prices, and amenities. At the bottom of each page are reviews from other travelers, which can help you decide whether or not the lounge is worth the entry fee.

Though some airport lounges are a bit pricey, others are affordable enough to be totally worth it.

This is a great tool for learning how much to tip around the world. It's got a gratuity calculator that auto-detects the country you're in, and can be manually changed in the settings if needed. You can also use the Country Tipping Guide to find out the customary amount for restaurants, porters or taxis.

No wifi at the restaurant? No problem - it works offline too!

The app offers a paid full version (which can be unlocked free for 24 hrs by watching a short ad) though everything you really need is available in the free version.

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